10 Incredible Ways Meditation Improves Your Health


You must have heard many times before that meditation is good for your overall health and also the overall quality of your life.

It’s true!

But what exactly is meditation good at, and what will it do for you?

You will see in this article 10 Ways Meditation Can Improve Your Life and the benefits you get from meditating.

I make sure I meditate at least 3 times a week for 20 minutes each time and I have noticed the effect it has had on me.

More and more people are getting into meditation as time goes by and you should be one of them.

What then is Meditation?

Mediation is the process of transforming your mind, according to Buddhist center.

Meditation as I came to know about it is the process of training your mind to be perfectly calm in all situations of life; this helps a lot with your composure.

It is also a process of questioning everything, of knowing the origin of things and how they came to be so that you will not be perturbed by unnecessary changes and norms.

Also, it is a process of training your mind to focus on one thing at a time.

I came to know about meditation when I read the book “The way of the peaceful warrior” by Dan Millman. (I highly recommend you read this book)

Ever since I read that book I committed to meditating every week.

I want to start doing it every day also, but it takes a lot of commitment and it is a life-long commitment.

Here are the 10 Ways Meditation Can Improve Your Life.

1. Reduces your level of stress

People usually first start to flirt with meditation because they want to reduce their stress levels.

Which is good!

Practicing the “Open Monitoring Meditation” like the Vipassana can reduce the grey-matter density in your brain that is associated with stress.

The Vipassana means that you pay attention to one thing at a time as it happens in the present moment instead of dwelling on it.

Kinda like thinking about what someone said to you yesterday that pissed you off and it’s still pissing you off today.

Practicing the Vipassana will help you act less reactively to situations and only focus o the moment-to-moment situations as they unfold.

2. Enhances your self awareness

A different type/style of meditation helps you to improve your self-awareness. Helping you grow into a better version of yourself.

This can be a self-inquiry meditation.

It helps you to have a better knowledge of who you are and how it affects other people around you.

3. Increases your focus

Mediation helps to increase your focus. This is called the focus attention meditation because it helps you keep the focus on one thing at a time.

Spending 20 minutes in a day can help you to become more focused and stay on relatively boring tasks for a longer time period.

This is especially good for students; because I know how boring some classes can be.

4. Improves your sleep

Many people at one point in their lives, struggle with insomnia.

People who meditate more usually sleep well at night, and sleep longer compared to those that don’t.

Meditation can help you to relax your body and releasing the tensions accrued during the day so that you can sleep better.

5. Gives you mental strength

A strong mind is a must in this kind of world where everything is changing fast.

Everybody wants to influence you in some way or the other and practicing meditation will help you gain the mental strength that will help you be more resilient and emotional intelligent.

6. Improves your mood

I have seen so many people wake up with bad moods and I keep wondering, “Is it that you don’t want to wake up at all?”

These people usually surprise me.

Maybe its because I have always woken up in normal to good moods but I don’t see why anybody wakes up with a foul mood.

If you’re one of those “not a morning person”, you can begin meditation as it helps with your mood a lot.

It will also improve your psychological well-being.

7. Helps fight addictions

When you start to meditate, it helps you to be mentally discipline which can help you with any addictions you may have; be it smoking, binge-watching lots of tvs, or maybe its even addiction to junk foods.

Meditation will help you fight your addiction if you want to quit whatever it is you’re addicted to.

8. Helps with reducing the risk of Alzheimer’s

Because meditating requires you to be focus and mindful, it helps you to have clarity of thinking which in turn helps you reduce the risk of age-related diseases like Alzheimer’s disease.

Meditating 30 minutes daily will not only help you reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s, but it also helps you reduce the risk of depression and loneliness.

9. Promotes emotional health

Meditation can make you gain a more positive outlook on life and also improve your self-image, which promotes your emotional health.

Meditation as already mentioned above reduces depression and loneliness.

It also makes you more optimistic.

10. Regulates blood pressure

Meditation also increases your physical health by reducing the amount of strain on your heart.

High blood pressure makes your heart work harder to pump blood, which normally leads to your heart performing poorly.

Meditation controls your blood pressure by relaxing the nerve signals that coordinate the functions of the heart.

Conclusion: Meditation

The spiritual version of meditation I’m familiar with is when you get a thought; especially a disturbing one, but you let it go.

You don’t react to things as they come but you see them for what they actually are.

This helps you calm your mind and body.

I have a lot to say about meditation because I am passionate about it but I won’t be able to put all of them here on this post.

So, I’ll keep adding posts about meditation and how it can help you in the future so you can see just how good meditation can be for your life as a whole.

But feel free to contact me on our contact page to ask any questions you feel like asking or you can also ask your question in our comment section below.

Also, share this post with friends you think will benefit greatly from meditation.