Atkins Diet For Beginners

Atkins Diet For Beginners

This post is about Atkins diet for beginners. I will introduce you to Atkins diet, what it’s all about and its health benefits.

What is Atkins Diet?

Apparently, Atkins was an American doctor (Dr Robert C. Atkins) whose method of weight loss for his patients helped them keep the weight off permanently and also began the fad, ATKINS DIET.

He is a cardiologist and his method of keeping his patients weight off completely is to limit their intake of sugar and carbs.

This made many of his patients keep of the weight successfully.

Atkins diet is a low carb diet for weight loss

They say that you can eat as much proteins as you want, including fat, as long as you don’t consume foods that are high in carbs.

The thing about this diet and why it is good for weight loss is that, when you eat fewer carbs and eat more protein, your appetite will go down which will make you eat less, and lose weight without even thinking about it.

5 Benefits of Atkins Diet for beginners

Below are 5 benefits of Atkins diet for beginners and why you should consider incorporating this diet as part of your lifestyle, or at least, start an Atkins diet for a period of time and see what it can do for you, apart from helping you lose weight.

1. It Reduces Your Appetite

When you diet, you get hungry.

That’s an unavoidable side effect of dieting. This is a major reason most people quit dieting earlier than they planned.

This means that when you eat foods low in carbs, you automatically reduce your appetite for food.

Many studies have shown that when you eat more protein and healthy fat and eat less carbohydrates, you end up consuming much fewer calories.

2. Leads to Weight Loss

Reducing the amount of carbs you consume can be the simplest way of losing weight.

The reason for this is that low carb diets removes excess water from your system, which reduces water retention and body weight.

Because they lower the insulin levels in your body, your kidneys start to shed the excess sodium in your body, leading to a rapid weight loss.

To stick to your low carb dieting, it is important that you see low carb dieting as a way of life, not an actual diet with an expiration date.

This is why most dieters usually end up gaining weight after dieting because they go back eating the same old junk.

The only way to succeed long term is to stick to it.

3. Reduces Your Blood Sugar

When you eat carbs, they break down into simple sugars and move into your bloodstream and elevate your sugar levels.

The insulin in your body then tells the cells to bring the glucose into the cells and start burning or storing it; this happens because high blood sugar is toxic to the body.

For the healthy ones, the insulin reduces the blood sugar spike and prevents it from harming us.

However, some people have insulin resistance.

This means that the cells don’t see the insulin and therefore it’s difficult for the body to take the blood sugar into the cells.

This leads to type-2 diabetes.

When the body fails to secrete the amount of insulin required to lower the blood sugar after meals.

The simple solution: If you reduce the amount of carbohydrate you eat, you remove the need for the insulin altogether.

4. Lowers Your Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is a risk factor for many diseases like stroke, kidney failure and many others.

Therefore, to reduce blood pressure, you need to start eating foods low in carbs and will reduce your risk of these diseases and also help you live longer.

5. Serves as a Therapeutic Agent for Some Brain Disorders

Sometimes we hear that glucose is necessary for the brain… and yes, it’s true. Some parts of the brain can only burn glucose which is why the liver produces glucose out of our proteins if we don’t eat carbs.

Hence, the mechanism behind ketogenic diet, which has always been used to treat children with epilepsy who don’t respond to treatment.

In some of the cases, this diet can cure these children of epilepsy. In one study, over half of children on a ketogenic diet had a greater than 50% reduction in seizures. 16% of the children became seizure free.

What Foods to Avoid if You Want to Start Atkins Diet?

You will want to avoid taking:

  • Sugar: Any form of processed sugar (Except the sugar in fruits)
  • Trans Fat: This is normally found in processed foods • Grains: Wheat, Rice, etc. • Vegetable Oil: Soybean Oil, etc.
  • Diet and Low-Fat Foods: They usually contain lots of sugar

Foods to Eat During Your Atkins Diet

  • Healthy Fats: Avocado, Coconut Oil, etc.
  • Meats: Bacon, beef, pork meat, etc. • Eggs: Eggs enriched in Omega-3 Oils
  • Nuts and Seeds: Almond seeds, Sunflower seeds, etc.
  • Low Carb Vegetables: Kale, Broccoli, Spinach, etc.

Atkins Diet normally has many phases for weight loss and keeping it off completely, starting off with a low carbohydrate meal.

The main purpose of the Atkins Diet is to improve your eating habits so you can lose weight and keep it off.

It also helps you in the long run health-wise, whether it is to lose belly weight, improve your health or boost your metabolism.

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