Amazing Fitness Routine You SHOULD Do Everyday

Fitness Routine

This is a list of My Daily Morning and Evening Fitness Routine that I hope you can incorporate into your own life or use as a guide to creating your own fitness routine. I do these in the morning when I wake up and in the evenings from 5 to 7 pm.

It is important to have a daily morning and evening fitness routine.

If you don’t have any it is not too late to start.

In the Mornings

Firstly, you have to wake up at the right time to put in the adequate amount of workout you want to have.

You shouldn’t have to be at work by 8 am and you wake up at 7 am to work out.

You won’t be able to put in the adequate amount of workout you need.

Although, Dr. Oz says that he does his exercise routine in 7 minutes. Keep in mind he is a doctor and he probably knows stuff that can make him stay healthy apart from working out.

And you’re not!

So I propose you wake up 2 hours before your next appointment so you can put in say 30 or 15 minutes of real workout in the morning.

My Morning Routine

I usually wake up by 4 am, sometimes when I’m feeling a bit lazy (cos I’m also human), I wake up at 5 am.

Because sometimes I’m lazy to stand up, I do a little yoga stretch on my bed which gets my body up a little so I can stand up from my bed.

Then I do some push-ups, situps, other aerobic, and anaerobic exercises.

I have this exercise app that helps me out.

You can go to Google Play and type in “exercise”, some apps will show up, use anyone that suits you better.

Then I do a bit of yoga and meditating.

All of these I do in one hour.

Then I prepare for the day.

In the Afternoons

Afternoons are busy days for most people but that doesn’t mean you cannot squeeze in a little workout if you don’t have time in the morning and evenings.

I’ve seen some executives with gym equipment in their offices that they use even while working.

There are many exercises you can do at your desk while working.

  • You can stretch
  • You can stand up and walk around the office
  • And, You can even jump high (If people see you, they’ll think you’re crazy… but it’s okay)

My Afternoon Routine

I personally don’t do any exercises in the afternoons because I have to work.

But if you are the type with a flexible work time or you don’t work in the afternoons, this is a great time to exercise.

In the evenings

This is another great time to do your workout.

But the problem with evening workouts is that when people come back from work, they are usually tired and sit down to rest and watch TV.

This is why I still think morning routines should be the best time for your fitness routine.

I’ve seen people just ride around in their bike with their bike outfit on. This helps too.

You can go for a long walk or just a small walk around the block.

You can also go for a run that will help you incredibly when you fall asleep and also do your heart a big favor.

My Evening Routine

I have just one evening routine, I play football (which is soccer for Americans).

This is mostly because I like the sport and love to play it and also I love my health.

(Killing two birds with one stone)

On the weekends when I don’t play football, I take at least a 30-minute walk around the neighborhood.

This helps me to lose weight incredibly and keeps me slim and will help you too as soon as you begin to take your health seriously.


So, this is my fitness routine and I hope it has helped you to have ideas on how to create your own fitness routine.

It is important to know that you don’t have to have a morning and evening routine. You can do this in the morning, in the afternoon, or only in the evenings.

Do whatever your schedule can take, but make sure you start a fitness routine now as it will have a great impact on your future health.

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