12 Simple Ways to Look Younger Than Your Age

look younger than your age

Ageing gracefully is a thing and you can be one of those women who don’t seem to get affected by the age thing. This post will show you how to look younger than your age.

That’s apart from the endless amount of plastic surgery.

There are ways you can naturally beat the clock of time without unnecessary surgery.

Everybody desires to stay young and most women want to look beautiful forever… or more realistically, for a long time.

You can use anti-ageing moisturizer and also get frequent anti-ageing treatment.

So here are 12 ways you can look younger than your age

1. Feed your brain

What you eat has a tremendous impact on how your mind operates.

So for your mind to operate in the right way, you must feed it the right kinds of food.

You should look to start eating right from your twenties and teens so that you can avoid mental stress.

You should avoid processed foods like sugar, alcohol and caffeine.

2. Manage stress

Stress can lead you to start gaining weight, make you irritable, make you have insomnia, high blood pressure, low sex drive and mood disorders.

You can start lowering your stress levels by doing some stress lowering exercises like yoga and deep breathing.

Doing some cardiovascular exercises also reduces stress because it boosts your levels of endorphins, which makes you feel good.

3. Eat lots of fruits and vegetables

Eating greens and fruits can have a tremendous effect on how you look physically.

Supplement your fruits and vegetable diet with lean protein and whole grains.

You can do one better by becoming a vegetarian…

I hear those people live long.

But I love my meat.

That’s why I’m not one yet, maybe later.

4. Get a good amount of sleep

Sleep is important to your health, whether it is quantity or quality.

Your body repairs itself while you sleep and this helps you to stay and look young and beautiful for a long time.

If you don’t get enough sleep, you can begin to have some adult illnesses that are known to reduce one’s life span like type-2 diabetes.

You should look to have 7-9 hours of sleep daily.

5. Maintain a healthy diet

This is one habit you cannot afford to skimp on.

You must incorporate a healthy diet into your regime in order to stay young and beautiful for a long time.

Healthy diets can fight the skin’s enemies like acne, pimples, blemishes and blackheads.

Also, as already mentioned above, always include fruits and vegetables in your diet.

6. Exercise regularly

Make sure you stay active daily.

Vigorous physical exercise can slow down the ageing process by almost 10 years at a cellular level.

I was in a new place for a while and I needed to stay active; so I went to a field where they train there every day so I can join them and stay active.

I love soccer- as you may already know by now.

And I met the coach who told me later on that he was 46 years old.

I could swear he wasn’t up to 35 years.

He looked so darn young I couldn’t believe it.

That’s what staying active physically can do for you.

7. Stay away from the sun

Wear sunscreen all the time, not only if there’s sun but also when the sun is not out; so you can be on a safer side.

Sun can make your skin look saggy and dull which reduces the appearance.

The damage caused to your skin by the sun may not show itself for years; so you make sure you prevent this situation.

8. Drink lots of water

Water helps you to keep hydrated, which will make you look younger naturally.

Drink like 6-8 glasses of clean water every day so that your skin can be supple and be in its optimum health.

Hydrating helps to replenish your skin cells and tissues for healthier and younger-looking skin.

9. Avoid tobacco and tobacco-based products

Like smoking, which is one of the worse things can do to yourself.

You must ditch the habit of taking any form of tobacco if you’re serious about looking young for a long time.

Taking cigarettes can reduce the vitamin C in your body leading to you having a wrinkly skin.

10. Limit your intake of alcohol

Too much alcohol can have a negative effect on your health and taking it all the time can have some adverse effects on your health and your appearance.

Alcohol causes your body to dehydrate and remove vital nutrients from your body.

11. Relax

Rushing everything can add stress on your body which will make it grow old quickly.

Learn to take things easy.

Set some time in the day to relax or meditate and forget about your worries.

12. Exercise your brain

Keep your brain sharp by exercising it daily, it helps you to look younger than your age.

You can do some crossword puzzles or Sudoku to help your brain stay young and in shape.

Use it or lose it.

Training your brain helps avoid cognitive decline for up to 10 years or more; or even for good.

13. Finally

Don’t do drugs! It helps you look younger than your age.

I cannot overstress this particular one.

If you have any desire of staying young and beautiful for even the next 5-10 years, DON’T DO DRUGS.

The effect of drugs on your skin and your body as a whole can be very disturbing.

Also, you can use an anti-ageing night cream. It helps.

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