5 Simple Tricks for a Good Night Sleep

Good Night Sleep

Good night sleep is just as important as getting regular exercise and eating healthy.

Poor sleep has been shown to have negative effects on your overall brain function and exercise performance.

Getting a poor quality of sleep night after night can make you gain weight, whether you’re an adult or a child.

And for something we do every day, most of us are terrible at it.

Getting a good quality of sleep every day can help you eat less, exercise better, and be a whole lot healthier in the process.

So, if you want to have a better healthy lifestyle, then getting a good night’s sleep should be a priority in your life.

You can use these tips below to sleep better and you can also use a good sleep assisting device for a short cut.

Here are the top 5 ways you can sleep better at night and getting the quality of sleep you deserve.

1. Eat better for better sleep

The type of food you eat greatly affects the way you sleep, the quality of sleep you get, and your overall health.

Make sure the breakfast you eat is a good and healthy one; maybe a big one also. But it should be healthy.

Even in the afternoon and evenings; make sure you eat healthily and with a substantial dose of greens and vegetables.

Don’t eat heavy at night and also don’t eat junk or spicy foods at night.

Remember, no alcohol!

Don’t eat heavy at night as it will make you wake up with a cloudy mind.

Also, consider taking supplements like Melatonin, which is a major key hormone that tells your brain when it is time to go to bed. (It is usually used to treat insomnia).

Also, don’t eat late in the evening.

Eating late at night can impact your quality of sleep negatively.

2. Exercise in the morning

When you exercise in the morning or afternoon, it can help with the quality of sleep you get by making you fall asleep quicker and also deepening your sleep.

There is no better time to start exercising if you don’t already do it.

Schedule a morning exercise routine for yourself and notice how your sleep quality becomes better immediately.

Exercise has also been backed by science to be one of the major ways to get a good quality of sleep at night.

But if you exercise too late in the night, it can cause you to have a problem trying to fall asleep at night for some people because of the adrenaline hormone, which makes you alert.

So, exercising regularly in the daytime is the best way for you to get a good night’s sleep.

3. Take a cool and relaxing shower in the evening

Taking a cold shower at night cools down your temperature which helps you to sleep easily and better.

That is why it is hard to sleep when the weather is hot.

Also, a warm bath can help you fall asleep better.

You can dip your feet in warm water to help you relax and also get an improved quality of sleep if you’re lazy to take a shower at night before bed.

4. Get a comfortable mattress and pillow

Having a good mattress and pillow can have a significant impact on your overall quality of sleep.

Maybe that’s why you’ve noticed that you sleep better in god hotels.

A poor quality mattress and pillow can make you start having lower back pains as I have experienced before… until I changed my bed for a better one.

Plus, I never had a good night’s sleep and I did not know why.

I always woke up feeling not rested at all.

It made me irritable and short with people.

So, invest in a good mattress and pillow and get the kind of sleep you deserve. (It could be expensive though, but well worth it).

Get the best mattress you can find for a good night’s rest.

5. Don’t take caffeine in the evening

Obviously, you take caffeine in the morning so you can be alert for the day. So it is kind of counter-intuitive to take it in the evenings when you want to go to bed.

Unless you plan on working overnight.

Caffeine enhances your focus and energy and that is why you should not take it before going to bed.

Don’t even take it the evenings at all if you plan on having a good night’s rest.

Taking caffeine up to 6-8 hours before going to sleep can majorly decrease the quality of sleep you get.

If you must take coffee in the evening, take decaf.


Getting a good sleep quality every night can greatly improve your overall health and I suggest you begin to apply these recommendations immediately in your life so that you can begin to have the kind of sleep and healthy lifestyle you want and deserve.