Paleo Diet For Beginners

Paleo Diet For Beginners

You must have heard a lot about paleo diet for beginners and don’t have a clue to what it means or you don’t completely understand it yet. This post will show you the basics of paleo diet for beginners and how you can begin your journey to paleo dieting if you want to.

What is Paleo Diet?

Obviously, there’s more to paleo diet but this is a guide for beginners so I’ll only include the essentials you need to know about paleo diet.

Paleo diet is basically a kind of dieting that involves you eating like a cave person. That sounds kind of iffy

let me try again.

Paleo diet is when you eat only the foods that a cave-person can hunt or gather to eat. Like meat, fish, nuts and other kinds of foods that the caveman ate.

Your cereal, candy and other meal types that didn’t exist in the caveman times must go.

Is This Another Fad?

The wonderful thing about the paleo diet is that it is not a fad or marketing ploy to get you to spend your money.

It has actually been tested and tried for thousands of years by people without technology or McDonalds.

For you to be on a basic paleo diet without you even noticing, expel these foods from your life: Grains, sugar and processed foods.

Benefits of Paleo Diet

If you have taken some time to look at the lives of the early man then you will notice that they were very fit and also energetic… plus they hardly, or in some cases, never fall ill.

So, you want to know the benefits of paleo diet?

Here it is:

1. You Will be Energetic

Since paleo dieting requires you to eat the kind of food your body needs the most, you get more energy to do other stuff.

2. You Rarely Fall Ill

Because of the type of food you eat, you will rarely fall ill. This is as a result of the healthy meals found in nature that you eat.

Most processed foods become acidic in your body and since there is no balance of alkali in your body, you fall ill; and since the paleo diet is alkali in nature, it means you rarely, or maybe never fall ill.

This is why you rarely see a vegetarian fall ill.

3. Get a toned and fit body

Because you don’t eat fast foods and other processed foods, your paleo diet will give you the kind of body the opposite sex will love and the kind of body the same sex would like to have.

Talk about a natural beach body.

4. Live a long Life

The cavemen usually lived long and normally die of natural causes unless a woolly mammoth ate him up.

But in this day and age where man is the master predator, you can live to be a hundred on paleo diet and don’t need help from anyone to walk, eat or wipe yourself.

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