10 Amazing Weight Loss Workouts for Insane Abs

Weight Loss Workouts for Insane Abs

Do you want to have an ab that most people will envy? These are 10 Amazing Weight Loss Workouts for Insane Abs.

I have compiled some exercises that you can do that will give you the kind of abs that will make you not be ashamed anymore of removing your shirt in public (for the men), and also you will have the confidence to rock a bikini in public (for the ladies).

You can also get some equipment that will help you more with getting ripped.


There are so many exercises to get better abs that you can choose from.

I think the best way you can improve your abs fast is to do harder exercises most of the time.

But some of these exercises below are not all that difficult to do and anybody can use it to get started on getting those awesome abs.

I have had my own abs since I was 15 years old and up till now, I still rock it.

Sometimes I don’t even do any exercises for a week or a month mostly because I get too busy to set time for them; but still, they stay intact.

10 Amazing Weight Loss Workouts for Insane Abs

So here are the ways and videos you can use to get your own awesome abs.

1. The Plank

I have to confess I don’t do this one all the time; I only do it when I’m doing full-body workout.

2. Sit-ups

This one I do all the time. It is the very thing that made me start to develop abs when I was 15.

I and my friends wanted abs and we began doing this every afternoon together in school.

Once when I was 18, I had a competition with a friend of mine to see who can do the most sit-ups; I did 500 and he did 510.

We couldn’t laugh for weeks.

But we came out with nice abs.

So I’m super sure this one will help you well.

3. The Russian twist

Sit on a mat, make sure your legs are pivoted, hold your outstretched hands together in front of you and twist from side to side.

4. The side bridge

Lie on one side of your body, place on hand on your waist and the other on the mat. Kinda like a side plank with one hand.

Then hold still.

Do it on the other side.

5. Dumbbell side bends

Hold a dumbbell on one hand, place the other on your waist and then bend from side to side.

Do it on the other hand also.

6. Hanging leg raises

Hand on a strong horizontal pole with your hands; make sure your feet do not touch the ground. Then raise your legs towards your chest so your knee reaches the same level with your chest.

Do as many reps as you can until you can’t do it anymore.

It must hurt, that’s the point.

7. The cocoon

This is a kind of yoga techniques but it also helps your abs here.

Lie on a mat facing up and stretch your body with your hands above your head, but still touching the mat; make sure you’re stretched.

Now fold yourself like a caterpillar facing up. (I hope you get the picture I’m trying to paint, if you don’t, you’ll see it in the video below).

Do as many reps as you can handle.

Take a rest, and then do it again.

8. Straight bench leg raises

Lie down flat on your back on a bench, let your legs be together and your hands by your side.

Now raise your legs to a 90-degree angle and bring it down.

Do as many reps as you can handle until you feel your lower abdomen start to burn.

9. Dead bug

Lie down on your back, your hands in the air in front of you, and also your legs in the air at a 90-degree angle.

Stay like that for a while then begin to drop your leg on at a time till you feel your abdomen burn.

10. Jack knives sit-ups

Lie down on your back with your hands and legs outstretched above your head on the mat, now bring your hands and legs to touch each other mid-air.

11. Bent knee raises

Lie down flat on a mat on your back, let your hands lie flat on the floor; bend your knees, and try to make your knees touch your chest, but don’t let it touch your chest.

Continue for as long as you can handle.


These exercises are so you can have awesome abs you will be proud of.

Do some of these exercises every day and soon you will be able to take off your shirt in public and you will also be able to rock your bikini at the beach and get other people to stare at you through their sunglasses. (I mean, that’s the beauty of sunglasses, you stare at someone without them noticing you’re staring at them).

I hope this post will help you get the abs you deserve and please don’t forget to share and comment below.